The benefits of quartz sounds

  Geometrically ordered, the crystal structure of quartz emits a pure, vibrating and circular sound. These sounds penetrate the body, generating a harmonious and peaceful interior massage. They promote the release of stress and emotions, calm the mind, harmonize our chakras and our subtle bodies. Always in harmony with the people who receive these vibrational sounds, the singing of crystal instruments will find the right way to touch you and transmit to you what is adequate for your soul at the moment. The sounds of crystal instruments used in meditation help reconnect with our inner peace.

  Quartz crystal is one of the most `` elastic '' geological materials, which allows it to stretch and contract, emitting very intense sound waves. The pure sound of quartz helps us to remember our own inner perfection.

  Crystal concerts promote inner connection, peace and balance on several levels. It is a real therapy that many appreciate on a regular basis.